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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas thought

I was greatly moved by the opening paragraph to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald about KFC's new celebrities who are (were?) vegetarian and animal rights activists.

"TRUST is terribly old-fashioned. The church is rotten, parliament is a
black farce, the media is choking, job security is an oxymoron, the
military is mired in scandal and marriage is unavailable to some who
want it and abused by most who have it. So we turn to sport for its
purity, and find idols dependent on drugs, a mutating gambling virus,
craven administrators and athletes swapping clubs - and even codes -
for coin. It's little wonder self-interest has flourished, given the
pillars of society are plainly made of salt." Link

Let us then put our trust in the Christ Child who gave up a life of self interest, popularity, luxuries, endorsements and political influence to live his life for others, even to death on a cross.

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