Ian Randall is an educator, artist and author at Cambridge University Press.
You can view examples of artworks or obtain further information here.


Primary Art

The Eye of Horus

Golden Ratio

Spiral Template

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

The Rosetta Stone, 196BC

Loading the Kiln
Our Kiln is all loaded and ready to go!


Definition: When an artist uses another artists artwork, style or ideas as the starting point for a new work of art.

Using either the works by Munch, Van Gogh orHester, and create your own 'original' artwork.



Drawing facial features

Politics In Australia

2010 Election - BTN
2013 Opinion Polls - BTN
Let's Look At Julia - Image Sheet
Let's Look At Tony - Image Sheet
2013 Election - Lateline 30/01/2013
PM Julia Gillard - End of the World
PM Julia Gillard Speaking in Parliament
Tony Abbott Speaking in Parliament
-Famous Artwork
-Gold Rush
-Food Glorious Food with clay bowls
-Out in Space
-Artworks from other Culutres
-Identifying Me
-Feathers and Wings
-People and Thir Beliefs

Year 5 - Animation

Setting the Animation Speed

How to create a storyboard - here is a wonderful page from Standford University

Storyboard template - click to enlarge

Year 4 "Washed Up"

Watch - The Making of Finding Nemo

Year 2

My Journey into the desert

A windy day at PAC

Hokusai "A sudden gust of wind"

Jeff Wall - "A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai)" 1993