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Friday, June 10, 2011

HSC Visual Arts Student - Cassia Trist

Showcasing some completed paintings by Cassia Trist

"My Pokemon are sad"

These artworks express Cassia's sadness about the death of Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, who died in the Japanese earthquake - click here to view her paintings.

My pokemon are sad:
 Why the tears?
There are tears in all the paintings because the creator of pokemon
(Satoshi Tajiri) has died so they show their sadness by crying for the
pokemon creator Satoshi (Tajiri) as also my sadness since I grew up
with pokemon had had adored the work from Satoshi Tajiri.

The puddles in the paintings show how long they have been crying for.
They have been created in their own habitats.
The types i have created are water, physic, air (normal) and grass.
Each painting expresses also what they are doing. Some pokemon catch
and eat prey due to their teeth and claws.
The names of these pokemon are pythion, batorn, merog, meruse, snagon,
keape and floam.
Each of my pokemon have been created based on two different
animals,objects and other things.
by Cassia

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